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Experienced, Reliable, and Inspired Gardeners
Licensed and Insured Professionals

Our hardworking team creates and maintains dozens of the finest classical and contemporary gardens in the city.

We offer regular maintenance service as well as special projects. Our regular customers' gardens receive either weekly or biweekly visits, plus seasonal flowers, mulching, pruning and hedge trimming, lawn care, etc. We keep room in our schedule for special projects including installations and renovations, trimming and pruning, holiday decorations, disaster mitigation, and more.

We take both a scientific and an artistic approach to gardening. Our hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, etc. are battery-operated: better for the environment and quieter for your neighborhood. We are well versed in New Orleans traditional gardening, but we like to experiment and play around too.

Call or text us today at (504) 266-1664 to arrange a meeting and see how we can work together!

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