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Services Offered

  • Regular Garden Maintenance

    • Pruning, hedge trimming, weeding, and mulching

    • Lawn care, sod, and seeding

    • Leaf & debris cleanup

    • Pest control & disease treatment

    • Irrigation installation & maintenance

  • Special Projects

    • Garden renovations

    • Hardscape installations

    • Pressure washing

    • Storm debris cleanup

    • Holiday decoration

  • Nursery Service

    • Seasonal flowers​

    • Pine straw mulch

    • Perennials: shrubs, ornamental trees, tropicals

    • Edibles: herbs, veggies, fruit trees, etc.

    • Native plants, rare herbs, and medicinals

  • Creation and Installation
    • ​We have seen which plants thrive in New Orleans and we know how to build a garden that is easy to maintain and beautiful.
  • Anything else? Just ask!

Scheduling & Pricing


Regular garden maintenance is the backbone of our schedule. We also complete seasonal tasks, like mulching and planting flowers, as well as bigger projects, such as renovations, installations, repairs, etc. While we sometimes accept clients outside our maintenance list for special projects, first priority always goes to our gardens with maintenance contracts.


We visit each neighborhood on a different day of the week. Maintenance is offered with these scheduling options:

  • Weekly

  • Biweekly

  • Monthly (every four weeks)

Typical maintenance includes weeding, deadheading, removing debris, trimming and pruning, lawn care, and other tasks as needed.  Periodically, longer seasonal maintenance visits may be required, with tasks including mulching, planting flowers, pruning shrubs, irrigation adjustments, pressure washing, pesticide applications, etc.

Customers receive monthly invoices, through email or hard copy, payable online or by check. Labor is billed at $65 per worker per hour for time spent on the property or otherwise directly involved in a job. Materials are billed at typical market rates, plus sales tax. (Late payments may be subject to a 5% courtesy charge each month.) This system seems to be the most fair for all sides: we get paid for what we do, and you pay for what you get. Special services like pesticide applications will be billed at separate flat rates based on the area and materials used.

We look forward to finding a way to work together and keep your gardens beautiful! To start the process, you can pick up your phone and give Caleb a call or text at (504) 266-1664 to schedule a meeting.

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