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Why use Pine Straw Mulch?

​The needles of the longleaf pine tree are the traditional mulch of choice in New Orleans, and our recommendation most of the time.


There are two options for Pine Straw:

Long-needle comes in large bales. It is slightly cheaper for the area covered, but it has a rougher look. It is more suited for larger areas or newer gardens.

Crushed or Chopped comes in bags. This is the best choice for smaller gardens as it instantly lends a neat finished look.

We use Pine Straw because:

  • A thick layer will keep down weeds, reducing maintenance labor and keeping your garden more consistently beautiful.

  • The neutral light-brown shade and texture provides a beautiful contrast against foliage and flowers.

  • New Orleans' soil is notoriously alkaline. Pine straw is acidic, and neutralizes or lowers the pH of the soil making it more suitable for many of our favorite plants like camellias, azaleas, gardenias, and citrus trees.

  • Pine straw regulates soil moisture and temperature, helping your garden keep its cool during our droughts and hot spells.

  • Pine straw also allows water to penetrate the soil quicker and more easily than other mulch choices.

  • Termites don't like pine straw.

  • Fallen leaves and other debris blend right in so your garden still looks good even when the mulch is old.

  • Over time, the pine straw breaks down and will become a compost that fertilizes your garden.

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